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EirGrid’s “new” Development Strategy – what it really means

In response to ever-increasing legal, political and economic pressure, the Department of Conservation, Energy and Natural Resources have released another glossy publication through their mouthpiece EirGrid. . The document is largely technical mumbo-jumbo on which I am not qualified to … Continue reading

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The Business Plan of the Wind Industry

The wind industry is here to make money. As we are in a capitalist economy, that is its prerogative. I just wish it would be honest about its true motive instead of portraying itself as an eco-warrior, which wind farmers … Continue reading

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The ESB has insurance against EMF

  Two fundamental principles of insurance law When it comes to insurance, even those who are naturally inclined to tell porkies are forced to tell the truth. The first principle of insurance law is uberrimae fidei, which is interpreted to … Continue reading

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Freedom of, and to, Information

Fine Gael supporters always bristle when reference is made to their party’s previous dalliance with the Blue Shirts and totalitarianism. See:http://www.lookleftonline.org/2010/08/fine-gaels-fascist-roots/; http://www.swp.ie/node/3994; http://struggle.ws/freeearth/fe2_ireland.html However, the actions of the present government do little to allay the fears that they secretly pay homage … Continue reading

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