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The SEA and Wind Farm Guidelines

  The issue of the replacement of the 2006 Guidelines regulating a safe distance between wind-farms and residences has been going on for so long now in Ireland that it has taken on the nature of a Molière farce.   The … Continue reading

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The Liability of EirGrid – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series of blogs, I contemplated that awful question: “If my child develops cancer from the overhead lines, can I sue EirGrid?” As I said then, and do so again now, I no longer practice, and … Continue reading

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Comment on “EirGrid and information to the public”

I received such a well-written comment from one of my regular followers, Mick Foley of Kildare Against Pylons, in response to my latest blog “EirGrid and information  to the public” that I thought I would publish it in full. I … Continue reading

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EirGrid and information to the public

In 2007, a Report commissioned by the Department of the Marine, Communications and Natural Resources, entitled “Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields”, recommended that although the risk was not severe enough to move existing (110 and 220 kV) lines away from … Continue reading

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Blog Awards Ireland

Thank you very much to the loyal readers who nominated me for this award. Although I am only on the Long List (http://www.blogawardsireland.com/) it is still a welcome recognition. This type of blog is a fairly thankless task as it … Continue reading

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EirGrid’s ‘Expert Panel’ Review is now in tatters

I have never had a guest on my blog before but I was so impressed with this e-mail from Sean Murphy of New Ross that I have decided to reproduce it in its entirety as it covers areas which, although … Continue reading

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Medical Experts Slam EirGrid

Clearly fed-up with the plethora of statements to the public by EirGrid officials that pylons and the electric lines they carry are safe, a group of eminent physicians has written a letter to the Irish Medical Times, pointing out that … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Objectivity

The word ‘ethics’ comes from the Greek ethos, which means ‘custom or practice, a mode of behaviour’. When we study the ethics of a particular practice or profession, we often call those ‘applied ethics’ as we are looking at the … Continue reading

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