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The Spokes of the Wheel

‘The Spokes Of The Wheel‘ is an exciting new film project that explores proposed renewable energy plans in Ireland, as our country strives to reach its 2020 target, of 40 per cent electricity generated from renewable sources. . The film … Continue reading

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Wind Fraud

In Australia, Senator John Madigan continues to expose the fraudulent goings on in the wind industry. This time he has demonstrated that a wind company used methodologically flawed acoustic test reports to secure planning permission for an industrial wind farm. … Continue reading

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What is Wrong with this Picture?

EirGrid have caused to be published on the e-tenders page (not something your average citizen reads on a daily basis) the following call for tenders: ‘ENQEIR406 –  Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Consultancy Services Detailed description EirGrid receives a wide … Continue reading

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