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Research into Wind Turbine Infrasound

The research is extensive and continuing, and it is not good news for the wind industry. Despite their tobacco-style advertising and “sponsorship” of tame academics and front organisations like Environmental Impact Assessment, there is now a sound body of research … Continue reading

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Are EirGrid overly “commercially sensitive”?

You will remember that in a previous blog “The ESB has insurance against EMF” I discussed the results of an Access to Information on the Environment (“AIE”) request made by a group of concerned citizens to the ESB concerning their … Continue reading

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Are windfarms safe?

There is an old joke where a young lad asks “Grandad, did you have health and safety in your day?” to which grandad replies, “Of course. It was called common sense”. There is a lot of truth in that joke. … Continue reading

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Comment on “EirGrid and information to the public”

I received such a well-written comment from one of my regular followers, Mick Foley of Kildare Against Pylons, in response to my latest blog “EirGrid and information  to the public” that I thought I would publish it in full. I … Continue reading

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EirGrid and information to the public

In 2007, a Report commissioned by the Department of the Marine, Communications and Natural Resources, entitled “Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields”, recommended that although the risk was not severe enough to move existing (110 and 220 kV) lines away from … Continue reading

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EirGrid and the CSA and that 2010 Report

Since the publication of the blogs examining the 2010 Report ‘A Review of Recent Investigations into the Possible Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from Power Lines’, queries have been raised by readers of this blog as to … Continue reading

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