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The Scare Tactics of the Wind Industry

One of the most commonly-used tactics of domination by modern governments is to keep their citizens in a state of perpetual terror by continuously announcing doomsday scenarios, and then use these apparent threats to justify increasingly oppressive governance. We now … Continue reading

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The Death of Local Government

The Twentieth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland provided constitutional recognition of local government and required that local government elections occur at least once in every five years. It was effected by the Twentieth Amendment of the Constitution Act, 2001, … Continue reading

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Sean Kelly reaffirms his support for the Anti-Pylon Groups

(Photo: thanks to Sean Byrne) The great Sean Kelly publically confirmed his support for the Comeragh Against Pylons community group made up of volunteers doing battle with EirGrid and associated wind turbine companies. CAP released this press statement: The Sean … Continue reading

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