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Neil van Dokkum (B. SocSc; LLB; LLM; PGC Con.Lit)

Neil arrived in Ireland from South Africa in 2002.

Prior to that Neil worked in a leading firm of solicitors from 1987-1992, before being admitted as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa (a barrister) in 1992. He published three books in South Africa on employment law and unfair dismissal, as well as being published in numerous national and international peer-reviewed journals.

Neil currently specialises in employment law, medical negligence law, family law and child protection law. He dabbles in EU law (procurement and energy).

Neil has now retired from full-time practice and devotes most of his energies to his students. He has published three books in Ireland, “Nursing Law for Irish Students (2005); “Evidence” (2007); and “Nursing Law for Students in Ireland” (2011). He is an accredited and practising mediator but this has had to take a back seat with the advent of full-time online learning as a result of COVID.

His current interest is the law and language. He is also researching the area of disability as a politico-economic construct.

Neil is very happily married to Fiona, and they have two sons, Rory and Ian.

6 Responses to About the Author

  1. Hi Neil,
    Would you consider creating a template that people could use as the basis for their submission on the Aarhus Article 9 consultation? (http://www.environ.ie/en/Publications/Environment/Miscellaneous/FileDownLoad,38541,en.pdf).
    Bit bewildering to know where to start and what is important – I did a similar exercise in hosting a downloadable Word template for submissions on the Green Paper on Energy Policy to give interested people an editable structure, but Aarhus needs your legal expertise.
    Tel: 023 885 6896

  2. Thanks Neil, Please enjoy a holiday free from any thoughts on Aarhus – unfortunately, it will still be there when you get back!

    • Hi Neil,
      Are you back from your holidays?
      I have had a look at the Environmental Justice website and Dr. Ryall’s paper on ‘Beyond Aarhus Ratification’ and struggled. Do you barristers not refer to “Learned Colleagues”? Well, I am only a simple “unlearned” retired electrician trying to unscramble the democracy deficit that appears to be so closely associated with windfarm development, and to determine what, if anything I should do with respect to the public consultation on Article 9 which closes in 9 days time.
      Anything you can offer by way of a template (I don’t have your email address) would be most welcome.

      • Neil van Dokkum says:

        Hi Nigel
        I think I have your details somewhere. I will e-mail you and you can perhaps show me the template you did previously. I will try anyway. That and the Drumhills turbines are screaming for attention!

  3. Neil van Dokkum says:

    That’s grand. this is my work e-mail which is an alternative way to reach me. Today i am researching and writing about the new Terrorism Bill and whether it impacts on the Property Tax and Water Meter campaigns. I will try and get to the template over the weekend.



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