Please Save the Copper Coast!

notice-of-meetingThe Copper Coast in County Waterford, Ireland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of breathtaking natural beauty. It is hard to imagine that anybody would want to build an industrial wind farm right in the middle of it, but apparently such individuals do exist.

Please attend the public meeting in Rainbow Hall, Kilmacthomas, at 8.00 p.m. this evening, and tell us what you think.

And for those of you who think it offers a great financial opportunity to “make a few pound”, this is what Paul Kenny of Tipperary Energy Agency (who advise on setting up ‘community’ wind farms) had to say of the “model” community wind farm in Templederry, which was launched seventeen years ago (in 1999) and has been producing for four years (since 2012) :

“As with all windfarms, the dividends to the share holders (in Templederry’s case, individuals and the local community co-operative), is paid after a significant portion of the loans are repaid, which has not happened yet, neither the co-operative, directors or shareholders have received any dividend, but it will commence in due course.”

That is a nice way of saying that after waiting for seventeen years to see a return on their investment, the good people of Templederry have yet to see a red cent.

8.00 p.m.. Monday 14 November 2016 (today)

Rainbow Hall, Kilmacthomas, County Waterford.

About Neil van Dokkum

Neil van Dokkum (B. SocSc; LLB; LLM; PGC Con.Lit) Neil is a law lecturer and has been so since arriving in Ireland from South Africa in 2002. Prior to that Neil worked in a leading firm of solicitors from 1987-1992, before being admitted as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa (a barrister) in 1992. He published three books in South Africa on employment law and unfair dismissal, as well as being published in numerous national and international peer-reviewed journals. Neil currently specialises in employment law, medical negligence law, family law and child protection law. He dabbles in EU law (procurement and energy). Neil retired from full-time practice in 2002 to take up a lecturing post. He has published three books since then, “Nursing Law for Irish Students (2005); “Evidence” (2007); and “Nursing Law for Students in Ireland” (2011). His current interest is the area of disability as a politico-economic construct. Neil is very happily married to Fiona, and they have two sons, Rory and Ian.
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2 Responses to Please Save the Copper Coast!

  1. Paddy Ryan says:

    This ‘new’ idea of ‘Community Windfarms’ is a really bad one. I know people around Templederry who wanted to ‘invest’ in this but were kept out of the loop because some locals wanted it all for themselves, he’s really glad now as the local people are up in arms with those who fought to get these into the area. There’s no longer the community of neighbours left and children are being sent to ‘other’ schools so that they don’t have to interact with each other because of the decisions their parents made all those years ago.
    The information about these Industrial Generators wasn’t as available back then as it is now and some people used to think it was a good idea, myself included, what could be better than availing of a natural resource but there’s nothing natural about these huge monstrosities on our landscape. They’re noisy, they’re killing off wild birds in their thousands, they’re causing low-land flooding with all the cement used in the upland hills, tearing through the land, removing the wild vegetation and forestry that used to soak up the rain.
    My ESB bills have doubled in the last 10 years, and now companies see the subsidies drying up so they’re pawning them off as some sort of community advantage.
    These people will stop at nothing to make money and they care not one bit for the communities who are left to try to live with the consequences of their actions.
    The Copper Coast is one of the most outstanding areas of natural beauty in the South East of Ireland and is only becoming recognised by our tourists. I understand people in the area need to make a living and are inclined to take advantage of every opportunity but this isn’t an opportunity for local people, this is another scam from big business.
    People need to be more aware of the consequences.

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