Noise standards and how the figures were fudged

Great speech by Daid Davis which exposes the dirty tricks used by the wind industry. I have no doubt that these are international practices.


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David Davis’ speech introducing a Bill to make wind farms meet their responsibilities

I beg to move that leave be given to bring a Bill to require the Secretary of State to make provision about obligations on wind farm operators in respect of financial cover for potential liabilities arising from cause of public nuisance; and for connected purposes.

Wind farms are contentious. Some argue passionately that they are a great public good and the solution to global warming, and others equally passionately hold beliefs that they are a waste of money.

This Bill takes no side in that debate. It is narrowly defined about one aspect of public interest. It requires the operators of wind farms, who are in receipt of £797 million of public subsidy a year, to organise their affairs so that they are able to meet the costs of any nuisance imposed on people living near them.

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3 Responses to Noise standards and how the figures were fudged

  1. Pat Swords says:

    There is going to be an increasing amount of litigation with respect to the failure of so many States with regard to their ‘duty of care’, to establish proper noise assessment methodologies and protective measures, before the roll out of these enormous turbines.

    It is interesting to read that the matter is now to be the subject of a case taken to the German constitutional Court, which is their highest Court. Reading the website of the relevant group below. They also plan to take the matter then some 8 weeks later to the European Court of Human Rights.

    I have a strong feeling that they won’t come away empty handed.

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