The Cruel Hypocrisy: West Drops Wind Power as it Forces ‘Fake Electricity’ on the World’s Poor

South Africans take note! And all other ‘developing’ nations for that matter – whatever that might actually mean. Wind turbines have proved a complete failure in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, so don’t let the wind industry sell you the same shite!


Eiffel Tower Night Run on ‘real’ electricity: the City of Light,
brought to you courtesy of the Atom.


After the Paris Climate Jamboree, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers are licking their chops at the prospect of having the rich world fund the construction of millions of these things in the dark corners of the Planet. Sensible first world economies have tumbled (albeit, belatedly) to the fact the wind power is patent nonsense.

Paris, aka ‘The City of Light’ has been lit up by nuclear power for over 50 years, and that’s not about to change any time soon.


Britain has seen the light and has scrapped subsidies to wind power, with the number of threatened wind farms going from a roar to a whimper:

UK Wind Industry Collapses as David Cameron Slashes Subsidies for Wind Power

The Spanish were beguiled for a while by the wind industry’s promises of millions…

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1 Response to The Cruel Hypocrisy: West Drops Wind Power as it Forces ‘Fake Electricity’ on the World’s Poor

  1. Pat Swords says:

    People should not, particular when they hear the words ‘community energy scheme’, forget the famous one liner from Joe Kennedy: “When the shoe shine boy starts talking stocks and shares…”. In essence, don’t get involved in Ponzi schemes, even if they are state sponsored (or should that be; particularly when they are state sponsored):

    If you want proof, start digging into the recent cases below, such as against Spain and the Czech Republic, they share a common theme related to International legal cases when the subsidies get pulled, as there is no longer money in the kitty and the political mood has changed:

    Caveat emptor

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