Election Contract: Print this out and ask a candidate to sign it


Print this out and ask your local election candidates to sign it:



—————————————-The Voter
(Your Name)


————————————— The Candidate
(Candidate’s Name)


WHEREAS, in contemplation of the Local Elections to be held on 23 May 2014, the Voter and the Candidate do hereby enter in the following firm and binding agreement:

The Voter does offer to cast his/her vote in favour of the Candidate at the abovementioned election.

The Candidate accepts the Voter’s offer of ONE VOTE.

In return, and as consideration for the Voter’s one vote, should he/she be elected at the abovementioned election, the Candidate promises, pledges and guarantees that he/she shall perform the following:

1. Place the local community’s interests and welfare before his/her own and that of his/her political party;
2. Immediately inform the local community concerned whenever applications for wind farms and/or wind turbines are received by the Council;
3. Vote against any application for planning permission by wind farms and/or wind turbines; and ensure that his/her fellow councillors do the same;
4. Call for the immediate scrapping of the NREAP and a rethink of this country’s energy policy;
5. Ensure that the Council implements policies supporting and subsidising the retrofitting of houses with the aim of making those houses more energy efficient;
6. Ensure that the Council implements policies supporting and subsidising renewable energy schemes in rural areas involving biomass and biogas.

Once elected, should the Candidate fail to implement and/or perform his/her duties as outlined in 1-6 above, he/she shall immediately resign his/her seat on the Council and return/reimburse all and any monies or benefits (plus interest at the standard applicable rate) that he/she received by virtue of being elected to that seat.


Signed at ____________________ on this the _______ day of May 2014.




Witness 1: ______________________ (Details:
Witness 2: ______________________ (Details:


Sure, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on, but can you imagine the look on the cute hoor’s face? And you can always wave it around at Council meetings.



About Neil van Dokkum

Neil van Dokkum (B. SocSc; LLB; LLM; PGC Con.Lit) Neil is a law lecturer and has been so since arriving in Ireland from South Africa in 2002. Prior to that Neil worked in a leading firm of solicitors from 1987-1992, before being admitted as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa (a barrister) in 1992. He published three books in South Africa on employment law and unfair dismissal, as well as being published in numerous national and international peer-reviewed journals. Neil currently specialises in employment law, medical negligence law, family law and child protection law. He dabbles in EU law (procurement and energy). Neil retired from full-time practice in 2002 to take up a lecturing post. He has published three books since then, “Nursing Law for Irish Students (2005); “Evidence” (2007); and “Nursing Law for Students in Ireland” (2011). His current interest is the area of disability as a politico-economic construct. Neil is very happily married to Fiona, and they have two sons, Rory and Ian.
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